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– We also use VAR in our training programme for nurses, to ensure up-to-date content and teaching.

Akershus University Hospital started using VAR Healthcare back in 2006 and the VAR-procedures are integrated into their quality system (EQS). Ingunn Benno Petterson is Oncology Nurse at Department of Oncology:

– As we integrated VAR into our quality system, VAR has now become a natural part of the hospital’s routines and work flows, she explains.
– I believe we take better advantage of VAR this way, using it more often and in a more productive way.

VAR Healthcare – an Evidence-Based Work of Reference

– When patients need guidance on procedures we normally don’t carry out at our ward, I usually consult VAR. We actually did so a couple of days ago, applying the VAR-procedure Care of the nephrostomy catheter.

Critical appraisal of VAR content

–Evidence-based practice is important to the nurses in our department, Benno Petterson says, and we have critically assessed the content in VAR. For example we did a thorough examination of the VAR-procedures for central venous catheters, and concluded that they are very good; procedures and additional content are excellent.