Photo: iStock/Steve Debenport

- VAR is evidence-based, hands-on, and accurate  - expectations fulfilled.

Health care professionals in Copenhagen municipality now have access to VAR. Ambassadors from Vanløses sundhedscenter were the first to get tailored coaching by VAR staff. The next day we received this positive feedback from one of the newly fledged ambassadors, nurse Anne Hansen: - Thank you so much for excellent coaching yesterday, I am thrilled!

Hands-on VAR for hands-on lessons

Anne Hansen continues: - And today my colleague and I  had the pleasure of teaching insertion of subcutaneous cannula to 39 assistants. Using VAR, we could easily make it a hands-on lesson: I read the procedures loud from VAR and my colleague demonstrated step by step, all the way from performing hand hygiene to insertion. After that, the assistants were allowed to practise: they inserted cannulas (into nappies) while we observed the session and answered questions.

Smooth preparations with VAR

- Preparing the lesson also turned out to be an easy process using VAR. No need to reinvent the wheel - in VAR the entire procedures are described in detail. In addition, there are equipment lists, knowledge articles and useful tests.
- We got positive feedback after the lesson and I am really looking forward to further use of VAR Healthcare.