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- It’s very helpful to have the support of VAR in a busy working day.

Landås menighets eldresenter (LME) is located in Landås, a suburb of Bergen in Norway, and includes a nursing home, an old people’s home, sheltered housing and a day centre. LME has been a VAR customer since 2008, which means that the staff are experienced VAR users.

- Registered nurses, second-level nurses and auxiliary nurses at Landås menighets eldresenter (LME) use VAR in their daily work. VAR is available to everyone who has access to the internal zone at LME, so all permanent employees, even those in junior positions, can use VAR, explains Nina H. Bærheim, Assistant Ward Supervisor at LME.
- We can quickly do a search on anything we may be unsure about, and easily settle any ‘that’s how we’ve done it before’ issues, she continues.

- When we are short of registered nurses, some of the simpler procedures are delegated to the more experienced of the second-level nurses and auxiliary nurses. It’s brilliant to be able to just ask them to log in to VAR and read up on the procedure – it gives both them and the patients reassurance, and ensures quality of care. It also allows the registered nurses to look after other tasks. However, when we have the time, we carry out the procedures ourselves, explains Bærheim.