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- We save a lot of time by having VAR integrated, and get quality assurance by ensuring the use of evidence-based procedures.

The contents of VAR linked to several local tools

"In addition to the medical records (we use Gerica), we are working to integrate VAR with several other electronic tools," explains Liv Wensaas, R&D Manager for Health and social care services in the municipality of Asker.

"The R&D unit is assisting the municipality's chief medical officer in a project to establish an electronic infection-control programme. The idea is that we will link directly to relevant procedures and professional material in VAR from the infection-control programme.

"The municipality of Asker is also working to implement a new expertise-management system (Obisoft HR), and we are investigating the possibilities of integrating VAR with this tool."

Students and apprentices – VAR is useful for everyone

"Students in Norway are introduced to VAR at university college, so when they enter placement using it is already second nature. It is also a useful tool for apprentices and younger students, both regarding their practical execution of the procedures and also for using the knowledge tests and immersing themselves further in the knowledge material. VAR makes the placement period easier, safer and more efficient for all parties."

Increased focus on VAR Healthcare

"We believe that VAR should be used to a much greater extent and that it is necessary to continuously focus on VAR as a useful tool. Someone needs to be responsible for leading this effort. This 'someone' has now become the R&D unit in the municipality of Asker, and this will be one of our focus areas as of autumn," says R&D Manager Liv Wensaas.