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VAR Healthcare provides evidence-based contents; with strict demands regarding the development process, use of sources and level of qualifications of our employees.

AGREE II and VAR Healthcare

The AGREE II (Appraisal of Guidelines for Research and Evaluation) is a universal tool for assessing guidelines developed locally, nationally or internationally. AGREE II is considered the best tool for evaluating the quality of clinical guidelines and guides for clinical practice. The methods and work processes in VAR are based on the 23 items in AGREE II.

VAR is developed in collaboration between highly qualified healthcare professionals, editors, consultants, and a research librarian. This collaboration ensures a thorough review of each other's work and of VAR as a whole.

Systematic literature searches

The content in VAR is based on systematic and continuous monitoring of literature and healthcare knowledge in Norway and internationally. We have established systematic search strategies for each topic in VAR and auto-alerts are running for these topics in multiple databases. The search strategies are adjusted when necessary, in close collaboration between healthcare professionals, research librarian and editors. On average our searches are adjusted and improved at least once a year.

Critical review of the literature

Literature is included in, or excluded from, VAR based on an appraisal of quality and relevance. The Norwegian Knowledge Centre for the Health Services' checklists for review of research literature form the basis for critical appraisals in VAR. These checklists are based on internationally acknowledged methods and sources, such as The Critical Appraisal Skills Programme (CASP).