VAR Healthcare is a database of nearly 400 up-to-date procedures plus useful tools for use in practice.

Richly illustrated

The procedures are presented in such a way as to facilitate learning, supplemented with illustrations and videos and supported by knowledge summaries. All the illustrations in VAR were created by Kari C. Toverud, Norway’s only certified medical illustrator, and one of only three in Europe to have achieved this certification. Toverud has been part of the project ever since the first version in 2003.


Easy to find, easy to use

A powerful search engine ensures that you can quickly find the procedure you need.

The responsive user interface adapts to the screen size of the device you are using, making it easy for you to access the latest knowledge in practice, whether you are using a PC, a tablet or a smartphone.


Calculators and knowledge tests

Various useful calculators are provided that can be used for drug calculation and to calculate BMI.

Knowledge tests have been developed for the various topics, meaning that VAR Healthcare is also a tool for training and skills development.

Continuous monitoring of literature

VAR continuously monitors new literature, and the content of the system is updated at least annually. VAR Healthcare complies with strict version-handling and version-control requirements.