VAR combines innovative technology with evidence-based practice.

The content of the VAR portal consists of a practical procedure component and an associated knowledge section (knowledge material) as well as related knowledge tests for each topic. The content is presented in an easy-to-understand format, accompanied by precise language, with words and phrases that have common meaning across the entire database.

The entire solution consists of:

  • The main module
  • The platform technology
  • Additional modules


All procedures in VAR are in line with the latest research and best practice, they are also richly illustrated/animated. The content is expanded and elaborated on; all while being supported by relevant literature references in the related knowledge material. The procedures are made available in the most convenient and user-friendly way possible in order to accommodate a user’s busy working day. The procedures have different levels of text. This makes them applicable to both the beginner, novice and the expert. VAR is product/brand neutral and hygiene is the central foundation of VAR and relevant basic infection control routines are integrated throughout.

The rationale material helps the user to reflect and then establish the connection between what is being done and why. It justifies the procedure and describes the knowledge base in an easy-to-understand manner. The procedures are not only based on the latest research, but the rationale material is a synthesis of content from several forms of knowledge:  experiential knowledge, national laws, policies and guidelines as well as ethical guidelines. All elements help safeguarding patient safety. The literature references that form the basis are provided throughout the text, and the summarised list of these references is correlated and readily available. Read more about content development here.

In VAR, we facilitate training and competence development with knowledge tests for all procedures. The knowledge tests can be used individually for fun, for self-testing and reflection but can also be systematised within an organisation/company or in education, e.g. in connection with a key focus area, in connection in the training of new employees, hiring of temporary staff to ensure competence or in connection with an internship or an educational course.

VAR is constantly evolving and as of now we have two additional modules: My Skills and Mental Health (launching in 2024).

Our portal also makes available calculators for medication management, body mass index, and weight change.

The procedures are presented pedagogically, supplemented with illustrations and animations. The illustrations in VAR are made by certified medical illustrator Kari C. Toverud, who is one of only three in Europe with this certification. Other illustrations are made by VAR's own illustrator, Torun Hunnes. 



VAR Healthcare is a web-based solution with no technical requirements other than internet and web browser. The interface is adapted to all devices and VAR supports most modern browsers, such as:

  • Chrome
  • Edge
  • Safari
  • Firefox

In order for VAR to support a browser version, it must be supported by the provider itself. With responsive design, VAR is flexible in its use and can adapt to different devices; PC/Mac, tablets and mobile phones.


VAR has a well-developed search engine that helps the clinician find what they are looking for in just a few clicks, which aids to serve as clinical decision support. When searching for a patient concern or a risk situation, one can get a search result suggesting relevant procedures in such a situation.

Codes (SNOMED CT/ICNP) and synonyms have been added that make it possible to search with alternative terms and spellings, so that terms that are frequently used in practice can be used as search terms. This means, for example, that VAR users get hits for PVC procedures when they type "venflon", as well as getting procedures for drain care in the pleura when they write "thoracic drain".



Our technological platform is easy to integrate into other digital systems to give the user the best possible support in their daily work processes, for example in electronic patient records (EPR)/electronic health records (EHR), in digital quality systems and in learning platforms/skills platforms. 



The procedural system is the basis of VAR. Our users inspire us to develop more content and thus we have several additional modules that support users' daily practice and work:

The first procedures will be about communication tools that could be utilised when caring for individuals who have a mental illness. More content is planned and will be produced on an ongoing basis to ensure an evidence-based approach to these patient groups. The module will be launched in 2024.

This is a digital learning resource that is used both during a study situation and in practice for further competence development to ensure evidence-based practice is being carried out. It is an operationalised and digitised version of the model for practical skills practice with a formative assessment scale linked to each procedure in VAR (reference ITB).

Individual agencies/companies/organisations can enter their local procedures, based on the same setup as VAR.  These procedures will be searchable through VAR's search engine and will be able to be integrated with electronic health records and with digital learning and skills systems.

VAR offers a time-limited page view of statistics to the company's managers. This can form the basis for leadership in order to aid professional development or the strengthening of disciplines where there is a need for increased competence. The statistics do not show information at the personal or departmental level.